ISO-PUCK 76 Nominated for 2021 TEC Awards

Markham, Ontario – September 21, 2020  –  IsoAcoustics is proud to announce its nomination in the 36th Annual NAMM Show TEC Awards in the Outstanding Technical Achievement, Production Essentials category for the ISO-PUCK 76. The TEC Awards are the highest honor dedicated to the Pro Audio and sound recording industry.

ISO-PUCK 76, Category: Production Essentials

The ISO-PUCK 76 is the latest and largest addition to IsoAcoustics’ ISO-PUCK isolator series, designed for heavier studio monitors, subwoofers, and guitar/bass amplifiers.

IsoAcoustics patented isolation system provides a high degree of isolation while resisting lateral movements and oscillations. Secondary reflections can be conducted back into the speaker causing the imaging to collapse. The ISO-PUCKS eliminate these reflections, resulting in a more 3-dimensional stereo image as well as greater sound clarity and focus.

“It is an honor to receive the 2021 TEC Award nomination for the ISO-PUCK 76,” says Dave Morrison, founder of IsoAcoustics. “When designing the ISO-PUCK series, we strived to create a tool to elevate the users’ listening experience, to help them mix with more precision while maintaining the lowest profile possible. The ISO-PUCK76 was created in response to customer feedback for a product that was designed for heavier near-field and mid-field monitors.”

Presented by The NAMM Foundation, The NAMM TEC Awards are bestowed annually in celebration of the pro audio community by recognizing the individuals, companies, and technical innovations behind today’s sound recording, live performances, films, televisions, video games, and other media. Brands from around the globe are nominated each year for the prestigious TEC Awards in 22 Technical Achievement and 7 Creative Achievement Categories.

Voting for the 36th Annual TEC Awards will begin November 19, 2020. The winners will be announced on January 22nd as part of NAMM Believe in Music Week.


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